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Bowl & Jack Positions

Depending on where the bowls and jack come to rest after a shot is played can determine whether they are 'live' or 'dead'.

Here's a quick round up of the positions:


Live Bowl

Quite simply this is a bowl that is in play - it has been delivered and has come to rest within the boundaries of play. If a bowl is partially outside of play, it is considered live.


Dead Bowl

A dead bowl is one that has come to rest entirely outside of the boundaries of play. This could be directly from a bowl, or due to being pushed out of bounds from another delivery. A dead bowl is removed and placed on the bank.



A toucher is a bowl that makes contact with the jack in its original delivery. If this bowl is knocked into the ditch it remains live. A toucher will be marked with chalk to identify it.


Live Jack in Ditch

A jack driven into the ditch (with the rink boundaries) remains live and is highlighted with a white peg on the bank. 


Dead Jack

A jack becomes dead if it passes outside of the side boundaries, over the bank, or rebounds to within 20m of the mat. A dead jack means a dead end and it must be replayed (the skip can decide in which direction).


Boundary Jack

If the jack is pushed towards the side boundary and is not full beyond the boundary it is considered live. Players can bowl towards it - but their woods must remain within (or partially within) the boundaries to be considered live. 

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