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How to Play Lawn Bowls

At Masonian Bowls Club we welcome members of any ability and experience. The basics of lawn bowls are quite simple, but in our new series of articles we'll outline the basic rules, terms and information to help anyone get started.

Find out more about lawn bowls by clicking the links below.


Equipment & Clothing

We have all the equipment you need at the club to get started. Find out more about the kit we use here.


The Rink & Green

Find out more about the pristine green and how a rink's boundaries are defined here.


Types of Game

There are a number of games we play in lawn bowls that suit single players up to teams of four.


How to Bowl

Here we share the very basics on how to deliver your first shot, including how to hold the bowl and stand.


Types of Shot

Here we'll give some detail on the types of shot that can be played and their corresponding names.


Bowl & Jack Positions

Your bowl or jack may land in an active or inactive position - here we'll define the rules.


Player Roles & Positions

In a bowls match team players will have different roles. Here we confirm the roles and duties of each player.



Here are a few hints on appropriate etiquette while playing, waiting your bowl, or watching from the sidelines. 

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