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The Rink & Green

Here is where the magic happens! Our members lovingly care for our green and rinks throughout the playing season to ensure its at a high standard for practice and championship games.

Here's a little more information on the lawn bowls playing area:


The Green

The bowls green for Flat Green Bowls should be a minimum of 31metres in length, and no longer than 40metres. And, as the name suggests, should be flat. Of course, they are not snooker tables - all outdoor greens and rinks have their own personalities with varying undulations and bobbles to keep bowlers on their toes.  


The Rink

Greens are split in to numbered rinks (MBC has 6) where each game takes place. Rinks can be between 4.3 and 5.8 metres wide. To help maintain a healthy green, MBC rinks will sometimes face north-south and sometimes east-west.


The Boundaries

The side boundaries of each rink are identified by a white peg in each corner of the playing area. Surrounding the green will be a shallow ditch which is the end of the playing area.


A 'Fast' Green

A green might be labelled as 'fast' if it has a firm surface, has short grass, and/or a dry surface. Generally on a fast green a bowler will take a wider arc on their bowl as the bias will be more responsive. Be careful - a fast green could see your wood dropping into the ditch!


A 'Slow' Green

A green might be labelled as 'slow' if it has a softer surface, has longer grass, or is wet from watering or rainfall. Generally on a slow green a bowler will take a narrower arc on their bowl as the bias will be less responsive. The bowl may need a little more welly to reach the jack!


Around The Green

Beyond the ditch lies a small bank which is raised above the green. You'll often find keen spectators sat cheering, chatting and drinking wares from the Clubhouse bar. We welcome all spectators at MBC, so come on down!

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