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Types of Shot

There are a variety of shots in lawn bowls, but they come down to two principles - a drawing shot, or a controlled weight shot. A draw shot aims to land in a very specific position with the correct weight and line. A controlled weight shot may be played with more speed with the intent of moving and dislodging bowled already at the head.

Here's a summary of some common shots you may play in lawn bowls:



The drawing shot is the most common and important bowling shot. It is bowled with the correct line and weight to meet a certain objective (such as getting as close to the jack as possible). 



The aim of this drawing shot is to 'carry' the jack from one position to another. The bowled wood will move with jack to the resting position (rather than push the jack in a different direction).



The purpose of this drawing shot is to rest against an opponent's bowl. This usually means the bowled wood is inside the opponent's bowl and closer to the jack.



Yes, it sounds the same as 'Rest'! The objective of this drawing shot is to displace an opponent's bowl, leaving your bowl in it's place.



The aim of this drawing shot is to push one of your own woods closer to the jack - perhaps because it is blocking a natural line. The bowler must take into account how the target bowl is lying (i.e. upright or on its side). 



This controlled weight attacking bowl is delivered at pace and with confidence (usually when one is losing and without options) to push the jack out of play, or dislodge an opponent's woods to reduce their score.



This drawing shot is played with the intent to block and protect the 'head' and prevent the opponent from entering or breaking up a favourable head. The bowl will fall short of the head, but be on a line that blocks an obvious route for the opponent.



This controlled weight shot is a combination of Promotion and Wrest in that you aim to dislodge an opponent's bowl by knocking one of your own bowls into it. Ideally this would leave your target bowl and latest bowl in promising positions.



This very specific controlled weight shot aims to dislodge more than one of your opponent's bowls and leave your own bowl in a promising position. This might be played where two opponent's bowls sit side-by-side in front of the jack. 

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