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Our Club History

Masonian Bowls Club came into affect when Dan & Charles Mason leased land from Chiswick Urban Council, which was purchased from the Duke Of Devonshire. The brothers built a club for their employees which they called Chiswick Polish Athletic Club. When a bowls green was built the members of the club asked if they could change the name in respect to the founders so Masonian Athletic Club, and Masonian Bowls club was formed in 1920.


While cherry blossom polish and the tin factory was working the members had a good few years of bowls on the site, then in 1983 the club was asked to move and searched for alternative accomadatiion.


After a long debate and search it was decided that Masonians should stay in Chiswick and moved onto what was Burlington Bowls Club green, as they had disbanded a few years earlier, and the green and club house was left in ruin, The then council Brentford & Chiswick agreed to Masonians using their green. They moved into the premises in 1984. Due to the condition of the green they had to play all games away until finallly in 1985 they could call themselves at home.


Since 1985 Masonian Bowls in their new location have had a long and strong team of bowlers which have resulted in the club getting to regular finals, within Middlesex, which we have a number of county bowlers, Richmond and Barnes League, Thames Valley League, and the Hounslow and District League. Within all these leagues they have their name on many of the trophies and cups.


Masonian Bowls Club has a dedicated bunch of male and female members, which have dedicated their time and efforts in keeping the club viable, which is a credit to them, but as like alot of council clubs membership is a problem and without new members it will be like all the other council greens in the past and present that have disappeared.



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